5G Intelligent Agriculture

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5G Intelligent Agriculture: Shaping the Future of Agricultural Revolution

Why we do?

From a global perspective, the issue of water waste in agriculture and forestry is severe, with low utilization coefficients of irrigation water. Taking a certain country in North America as an example, it uses 852 billion liters of water annually in agriculture and forestry, with forestry water consumption accounting for approximately 80% of the total water consumption. However, the utilization rate is only 45%, while countries with high water resource utilization rates have reached 70% to 80%. Water-saving and energy-efficient irrigation methods are currently trending in the world's water supply technology development. Therefore, it is crucial to address the issue of water-saving irrigation in agriculture and forestry.


Yunlianxin has extensive experience in this specific industry market. We have introduced an agricultural irrigation machinery networking solution, incorporating remote control, GPS positioning, and DTU sensor solutions. This enables the intelligence and networking of agriculture, empowering farm operators to achieve higher benefits. Our focus lies in providing water-saving and efficient irrigation solutions to facilitate sustainable development in agriculture and forestry. Through our solutions, farm operators can achieve precise water resource management and irrigation control, minimizing water waste and maximizing water resource utilization. We are dedicated to driving the sustainable development of agriculture and forestry globally and contributing to the efficient utilization of water resources.



Yunlianxin, a leading provider in the agriculture and forestry irrigation industry, recognizes the challenges associated with controlling water and fertilizer effectively in traditional practices. Manual opening and closing of water valves in a regular manner often result in wastage of water resources and fertilizers. However, with the integration of agriculture IoT sensors and advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, Yunlianxin is revolutionizing the industry by enabling farmers to achieve higher crop yields per acre while minimizing water and fertilizer waste. By optimizing water and fertilizer usage, Yunlianxin not only helps conserve precious water resources but also promotes land preservation for sustainable agricultural practices.



The impact of 5G on farms lies in its significant advancement of technologies such as IoT, artificial intelligence, edge computing, drones, and autonomous vehicles. 5G enables farmers to deploy IoT sensor devices on a large scale in the fields. By connecting autonomous drones to the YLX-Q60L5S 4G/5G router from Yunlianxin, farmers can efficiently manage and operate these drones. The YLX-Q60L5S 4G/5G router provides high-speed data exchange and supports RS232/RS485 interfaces for DTU/Modbus, seamlessly connecting a wide range of devices through the Yunlianxin Web platform. The router's operating system offers advanced features such as OPENVPN, IPSec, SMS, LinkBackup, and LinkSwitch, ensuring stable and secure operation of autonomous drones. Farmers can remotely control water valves in real time and monitor their status. With this device, automatic water usage collection and real-time image monitoring can be achieved, leading to efficient water irrigation management and conservation in the irrigation area. Management personnel can easily oversee and manage the field through the Yunlianxin web platform.



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