YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router
YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router

YLX-X4 4G Bandwidth 4 SIM Bonding Router

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Product Overview

YLX-X4 Aggregation Router: Empowering Seamless Connectivity!

√ Utilizes a high-performance Qualcomm chipset for enhanced computational capabilities.

√ Adopts TG170 high-quality PCB material for reliable circuitry in extreme environments.

√ Supports quad-mode 4G connectivity, compatible with 3G/2G networks.

√ Enables multi-network aggregation and backup with 4G/3G/2G cellular networks and WiFi.

√ Supports dual 4G and wired network aggregation for faster and more stable speeds.

√ Equipped with a 15000mAh built-in battery for long-term outdoor operation without external power.

√ Supports WLAN and various VPN functionalities.

√ Supports multiple industrial protocols and secure VPN tunneling.

√ Offers wired and wireless backup for enhanced network reliability.

√ Facilitates remote configuration for large-scale network device deployments.

√ Industrial-grade design for reliable performance in harsh conditions.

√ Integrates with Cloudlink IoT for centralized network management.

√ Supports ODM/OEM for product customization and development.

The YLX-X4 Aggregation Router, developed by CloudUnion Technology in 2016, revolutionized the field of network transmission with its groundbreaking multi-card, multi-link aggregation technology for 4G networks. This innovative solution filled a void in the domestic market for weak network aggregation and became a vital component of the industry chain. It stands as one of the few manufacturers in China capable of delivering customized hardware and software aggregation transmission services.


The YLX-X4 Aggregation Router is an advanced wireless router designed for the Internet of Things (IoT). It integrates4G (backwards compatible with 3G/2G), virtual private network, and other cutting-edge technologies. This device supports multiple access methods, including 4G, WiFi 6, wired networks, and wireless relays. Leveraging the power of multi-network, multi-path bandwidth aggregation, it combines the bandwidth of multiple internet connections. This not only enhances network performance in mobile environments but also reduces signal blind spots by simultaneously accommodating multiple SIM cards from different network operators. The result is increased reliability and stability for data transmission.


The YLX-X4 Aggregation Router ensures exceptional stability and low latency, making it ideal for demanding scenarios. Moreover, its fast and flexible customization options enable real-time local data analysis and intelligent processing. Built with industrial-grade standards, this router is designed to withstand harsh conditions, boasting features such as wide temperature range, dust resistance, and robust protection against electromagnetic interference. The device's dual hardware and software watchdog mechanisms ensure uninterrupted operation, even in unmanned communication environments. Its adaptability to various industry scenarios addresses the need for high-bandwidth, stable mobile network connections.


Additionally, the YLX-X4 Aggregation Router supports an IoT management platform, facilitating remote device management and ensuring intelligent device administration. Leveraging public wireless networks, it provides seamless wireless transmission capabilities, even in challenging environments. Its extensive applications span the M2M industry within the IoT ecosystem, empowering live streaming, emergency command centers, field rescue networks, on-site office setups, outdoor exploration data transmission, real-time video streaming with backend control, industrial automation, supply chain automation, smart buildings, smart grids, intelligent transportation, remote sensing surveys, agriculture, forestry, and more.


The YLX-X4 Aggregation Router is the ultimate connectivity solution, offering reliable and high-performance networking to drive the IoT industry forward.

Product Specification

CPUQualcomm ARM-A53 Quad-core 1.20GHz
MemoryOnboard SMT DDR4 1GB
Nor Flash128Mb
Nand Flash2Gb
Built-in Battery15000mAh
4G modules4
Nano SIM card interfaces4
Gigabit Ethernet ports3 (1 WAN + 2 LAN)
Type-C fast charging port1

Product size


Product interface


Application Scenarios of 4G Bonding Router

4G bonding routers play a crucial role in various application scenarios. 

Here are some common applications of 4G bonding routers:

1.Mobile Office: 5G bonding routers provide fast and stable network connectivity for data transmission, video conferencing, and remote access in mobile office settings.


2.Smart City: In smart city environments, 5G bonding routers enable high-bandwidth connections for devices and sensors, supporting applications such as smart transportation, smart security, and smart lighting.


3.Industrial Automation: 5G bonding routers are used in industrial automation to provide reliable high-speed connections for factory equipment and robots, enabling real-time data transmission and remote monitoring.


4.Internet of Things (IoT) Applications: 5G bonding routers are suitable for IoT applications, connecting and managing a large number of IoT devices, facilitating data transmission and management on IoT platforms.


5.Agriculture and Forestry: In the fields of agriculture and forestry, 5G bonding routers provide high-speed and stable network connectivity for agricultural sensors and monitoring devices, enabling agricultural automation and remote monitoring.


6.Emergency Rescue: 5G bonding routers offer reliable communication support in emergency rescue scenarios, including video transmission, location tracking, and data transfer.


7.High-Definition Video Streaming: 5G bonding routers support real-time transmission of high-definition videos, suitable for online streaming, video surveillance, and remote education applications.


8.Autonomous Vehicles: 5G bonding routers provide high-speed and low-latency network connectivity for autonomous vehicles, enabling communication and data transmission between vehicles and infrastructure.


Product Accessories

Standard Accessories

√ 4G Bonding Router *1

√ Glue Stick 4G Antenna *8

√ WiFi Antenna *2

√ 1M Network Cable *1

√ 12V 3A Adapter *1

√ Warranty card *1

√ Portable case *1

Optional Accessories

√ Triangular bracket *1

√ Extended warranty for 3 years

√ Data SIM Card *4


Product Support

How to connect and use a 4G aggregation router?

Connect multiple internet connections: A bonding router typically has multiple WAN (Wide Area Network) ports or interfaces. Connect each of your internet connections, such as DSL, cable, or cellular modems, to these WAN ports on the bonding router.

Bonding and load balancing: Once the internet connections are connected, the bonding router combines them using bonding or link aggregation technology. It distributes incoming and outgoing data traffic across the bonded connections, allowing for increased bandwidth and load balancing. This means that data packets can be split and sent over different connections simultaneously, optimizing performance.


Configuration settings: Access the bonding router's management interface via a web browser or dedicated software. Configure the bonding settings, including the bonding mode (such as active-backup, round-robin, or adaptive), load balancing algorithms, and any specific settings provided by the router manufacturer.

User device connection: User devices, such as computers, smartphones, or smart home devices, can connect to the bonding router's Wi-Fi network or wired Ethernet ports. The bonding router will handle the distribution of data packets across the bonded connections, providing increased bandwidth and network reliability to the connected devices.


Monitoring and management: Many bonding routers offer monitoring and management features to monitor the status and performance of the bonded connections. You can access these features through the router's management interface to view connection statistics, configure quality of service (QoS) settings, and troubleshoot any issues that may arise.


If you have any technical questions or requirements, please feel free to contact us, and we will arrange for our professional engineers to assist you.

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