YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router
YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router

YLX-M21AX 5G Outdoor Industrial Gateway Router

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Iyunlink M21L4AX uses dual-core four-thread 880MHz, MT7621+MT7905+MT7975 WiFi6 SOC, which requires 1 USB3.0 M.2 interface to meet the application scenarios of various occasions. Gigabit Wan 1 Gigabit LAN, support 3 serial ports, debug the serial port all the way, RS232, RS485 all the way, M21 software uses linux (OpenWRT) version, default dual page, factory software support

YLX-M21AX:Reliable 5G Industrial Router for Harsh Environments

√ Supports ODM/OEM and product customization.

√ Supports 5GNR-NA/NSA/4G/3G/2G LTE universal network

√ Supports wide voltage input (DC12~35V, maximum voltage up to 48V)

√ Wide temperature range support: -35~+75℃ (normal), -40~+85℃ (extended).

√ Implements robust anti-dropout mechanisms to ensure continuous online connectivity for data terminals

√ Dual-mode power interface (DC/industrial terminal) for versatile industrial field applications

√ Supports wired and cellular network WiFi backup

√ Provides standard RS232 (optional RS485) industrial terminal interface for direct connection to serial devices

√ Flexible antenna options (external stick or suction cup) for versatile installation in any environment

√ Supports multiple application functions such as VPN, APN, VPDN, PLC, and LAN passthrough

√ Supports wired and 5G wireless network backup with seamless switching between wired and 5G networks

√ Features dual watchdog design in both software and hardware to ensure system stability

√ Enables efficient remote management and device configuration through SNMP and Cloudlink's IoT cloud platform

√ Supports multiple installation options, including wall-mount, DIN rail, and desktop placement

The YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router by Yunlianxin is a wireless router product designed for the Internet of Things (IoT) that combines 5G/4G/3G networks, virtual private network technologies, and more. It features a dual-core quad-thread 880MHz MTK chipset, providing a comprehensive platform for high-speed and stable data transmission.


Equipped with various network access methods such as 5G/4G/3G wireless wide area network, dual-band WiFi 6, relay, and wired network, this device offers uninterrupted connectivity and backup capabilities. Its notable features include comprehensive security measures and wireless services, ensuring users have a reliable and secure data transmission channel.


The product is specifically designed to meet the requirements of unattended on-site communication. It incorporates software and hardware watchdogs as well as a multi-level link detection mechanism to ensure communication stability and reliability. Additionally, it supports the IOT web management platform, enabling remote configuration and management via the Yunlianxin cloud platform. These features enhance device management efficiency and intelligence.


With an open architecture design, the product allows for fast and flexible customization. It enables real-time data analysis and intelligent processing at the local level. The industrial-grade standard design ensures reliability in harsh environments, with features such as wide temperature and voltage tolerance, dust resistance, and strong electromagnetic interference resistance. The device is equipped with multiple hardware protections, including an external watchdog circuit, enabling stable operation even in demanding conditions. It can be adapted to various industry scenarios and provides wireless data transmission functionality through public wireless networks. Multiple VPN technologies are employed to ensure data transmission security, preventing malicious access or tampering.


The device has been widely adopted in the new media network broadcasting industry and is suitable for use in harsh environmental conditions. It has found extensive applications in the M2M industry within the IoT ecosystem, including smart grid, water monitoring, intelligent transportation, financial services, supply chain automation, industrial control automation, oilfield and petrochemicals, coal mine monitoring, smart buildings, fire safety, emergency response, digital healthcare, weather monitoring, remote sensing survey, agriculture, and animal husbandry, among other intelligent fields.


Product Specification

CPUDual-core, quad-thread 880MHz CPU frequency
Memory128MB/256MB (expandable up to 512MB)
Nor Flash16MB (128Mb) / 32MB (256Mb)
WiFi support2.4GHz + 5.8GHz dual-band WiFi 6
Wide voltage input12-36V
Standard serial ports1 RS232 port + 1 RS485 port
4G/5G modules1
SIM card interface1
Gigabit Ethernet ports4
Mounting optionsDesktop, Wall-mounted, Rail-mounted installation

Product size


Product interface


Application Scenarios of 5G Industrial Router

5G industrial routers play a crucial role in various application scenarios. 

Smart Grid and Water Resource Monitoring:

Scenario: Used for monitoring and controlling smart grid systems and water facilities, enabling remote data collection and management.

Usage: Install the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router on monitoring devices, establishing remote communication between devices and central servers through 5G/4G networks for monitoring and controlling smart grid and water resource systems.


Agriculture, Forestry, and Animal Husbandry:

Scenario: Used in agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry for remote monitoring and data transmission.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router to agricultural sensors and monitoring devices, transmitting agricultural data via 5G/4G networks for remote monitoring, irrigation control, and livestock management, enhancing the productivity and sustainable development of agriculture, forestry, and animal husbandry.


Weather Monitoring and Remote Sensing:

Scenario: Applied in weather monitoring, environmental monitoring, and remote sensing surveying, among other areas.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router to weather monitoring devices and remote sensing sensors, transmitting weather data and remote sensing images via 5G/4G networks for real-time monitoring and data analysis, improving weather forecasting accuracy and environmental monitoring.


Coal Mine Monitoring and Safety:

Scenario: Used for safety monitoring and remote data transmission in the coal mining industry.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router to coal mine monitoring devices and sensors, transmitting coal mining data via 5G/4G networks for remote monitoring and early warning, enhancing coal mine safety and production efficiency.


Emergency Rescue and Digital Healthcare:

Scenario: Used in emergency rescue and healthcare fields for remote medical services and urgent responses.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router to medical devices and sensors, transmitting medical data via 5G/4G networks for remote diagnosis, remote surgical guidance, and emergency rescue, enhancing the efficiency and quality of medical services.


Intelligent Transportation:

Scenario: Used in traffic monitoring, intelligent signal control, and vehicle management, among other areas.

Usage: Connect the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router to traffic devices and sensors, transmitting traffic data via 5G/4G networks to achieve real-time monitoring and intelligent traffic management.


Product Accessories

Standard Accessories

√ 5G Industrial Router *1

√ Glue Stick 5G Antenna *4

√ WiFi Antenna *4

√ 7p terminal* 1

√ 12V 2A Adapter *1

√ Warranty card *1

√ L-shapedhanging ears* 2

Optional Accessories

√ 1M Network Cable *1

√ Rail snap *1

√ Data SIM Card *1


Installation methods


Product Support

How to connect and use a 5G industrial router?

To use the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router, you can follow these steps:

1.Power Connection: Plug the router into a power outlet and ensure a proper power supply.

2.Network Connection: Use an Ethernet cable to connect the LAN port of the router to your broadband modem or network switch. Ensure a stable connection and that the wireless router can receive a network signal.


3.Configure the Router: Open a web browser on your computer or mobile device and enter the router's default management address (usually or in the address bar. Press Enter to access the router's management interface.


4.Login to the Router: Enter the default username and password to log in. If it's your first time logging in, refer to the router's user manual or product documentation for the default login credentials. It is recommended to change the default password after the initial login to enhance security.

5.Network Settings: In the management interface, you can perform various network settings, such as WAN settings (configure internet connection type and parameters), LAN settings (configure internal LAN parameters), Wi-Fi settings (configure wireless network name and password), security settings (configure firewall, VPN, etc.), port forwarding, and more. Adjust the settings according to your network requirements and preferences.


6.Save Settings: Once you have completed the necessary configurations, remember to save the settings and restart the router to apply the changes.


7.Connect Devices: Connect your computer, mobile devices, smart devices, etc., to the router's provided wireless network or wired network. Ensure that the devices can access the internet properly.


Please note that the above steps are general guidelines, and they may vary slightly depending on the specific model or firmware version of the router. 

Before using the YLX-M21AX 5G Industrial Router, it is recommended to refer to the relevant user manual or contact with us for detailed instructions and technical support.

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